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Sara Paige Hayes was born on March 18th, 1987 and would end up being the third and last child and only girl in the immediate little family of Jennifer and Matthew Hayes. Her brothers before her had already set quite a pace, and in comparison, Sara kind of paled. Garrett had a ton of allergies that needed to be watched, and Brett... well, he was just a terror. That didn't mean that she didn't give her parents headaches, and once she got a little older, and her brothers finally liked the idea of having a sister, she would often gang up with them. Her brother Brett tended to assume a protective role over her, one that still carries on to this day.

In school, Sara would mostly get in trouble for talking when she shouldn't have been. She couldn't help it. She was a huge chatterbox, and would often get so excited that she couldn't hold it in, no matter the situation. When she was actually paying attention however, she picked things up relatively easily. She made many friends from many different social circles. She didn't care to pick on people just because of who they hung around with or what they looked like. Because her brothers were so protective of her, it made dating a little more difficult. Some guys didn't think she was worth messing with, which at the time was devastating, but now that she's older, she realizes it was for the best.

Sports weren't really her thing back then, although she did play them a little bit here and there with her brothers. She got odd jobs to earn money, even working at a call center. As much as she loved talking to people, she still thanks God she doesn't have to do that anymore. She would always get in trouble there too, mainly because she would sit there and talk with coworkers or people on the phone about nothing at all relating to what it should.

She didn't go far when she went off to college, and it was there that she really had her trials and tribulations with the boys. She got her heartbroken a few times, mainly because she was so trusting. She finally brought one home to meet her brothers and parents, and they seemed to approve. If they didn't, they sure hid it, which wasn't really like them to do. After graduation, she moved in with him, and things seemed to be going as they should. She was a little slow to jump into the job market, because she was all too preoccupied with him.

It wasn't meant to last, however, and eventually, they both had to own up to that fact. Sara moved in with a friend from high school, very close to home once more. She finally put herself out there, and got a job at a ritzy hotel as a concierge. She loved traveling, and of course, talking to people, so she could get paid to show people some hot spots.

Sara has yet to really find someone else that she was willing to take the next big step with, although that's not for a lack of trying. She keeps occupied just by working, with a few dates here and there. Her roommate recently moved in with her fiance, so Sara is also on the hunt for another roommate or two. And while she loves being a concierge, she hopes to maybe one day rise up in the ranks of the hotel business.

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